Collection of 63.889 old stamps

About us

RCSTAMPS site  is a recente idea , brought by our team ,we are  7 stamps collectors living in several countries

who decided to put the 7 collections together in one site "", in order to sell them.

On this date, we have 62,908  different stamps, envelopes with stamps and postcards with stamps. There is of course

a way to go to put the whole collection online, we estimate the time to do it from 5 to 6 months of research work.

We continue to collect in several countries , on the average we arrive at a number of 100 to 150 old and very old

stamps per month. Just to know we are not philatelists but just collectors, our knowledge in stamp studies is limited

and it is for this reason that we have already sold stamps at ridiculous prices, which turned out to be more expensive,

so take advantage of our lack of knowledge !!

The team ,

R.C.  Rotterdam ,The Netherlands

R.S.  Paris , France

S.B.  Quebec , Canada

U.R.  Jakarta , Indonesia

C.C.  Algiers , Algeria

S.F.  Cairo , Egypt

E.B.  New York ,USA


Kind regards,